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The CBSA Assessment 和 Revenue Management (CARM) project will modernize 和 transform the collection of tax 和 duty for goods imported into Canada.

通过CARM, the Canada Border 服务 Agency (CBSA) will introduce a new suite of online tools to help streamline the process of importing commercial goods into Canada. 一旦完全实现, CARM will automate business processes 和 offer online self-service tools to help the trade community do business in Canada.

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The full program has not yet been completed; features may be subject to some modification before the full program launches. Visit the CBSA site regularly for ongoing updates.



CARM发布1 - 2021年5月25日 will introduce the new CARM Client Portal (CCP). 门户将允许用户(导入器), customs brokers 和 trade consultants) to create, 视图, 管理他们的账户, 支付, delegate access to customs brokers online 和 become familiar with CARM self-serve options.

All importers are encouraged to register for the portal early on as ALL importers 和 brokers will be required to have a portal connection in order to transact business with CBSA. Importers must delegate their customs broker(s) as part of the registration process in order for CBSA to allow the broker to release 和 account for the importer’s goods.

CARM发布2 -春季2022 - will m和ate that all importers be enrolled on the Portal as of the start of this phase or risk having their shipments held at the border. Changes to the Release Prior to Payment Program will be introduced w在这里by importers interested in participating in the program will be asked to post financial security directly, 有各种在线选项. Importers will be required to make payment for duties 和 税 directly to the CBSA. CBSA will also introduce a new electronic commercial accounting declaration (计算机辅助设计) that will replace the current customs coding form (B3) 和 request for adjustment form (B2). 也, new features for payment 和 billing processes will make it easier to make corrections 和 adjustments.


All importers will need to register for Portal access once it is released on May 25, 2021. Please note that registration is m和atory 和 must be completed by Release 2. Failure to register will prevent customs release of your goods at the border in 2022.


  • Electronic commercial accounting declarations (计算机辅助设计) with the ability for corrections 和 adjustments (replacing the current B3 和 B2 customs forms)
  • Changes to the Release Prior to Payment requirements
  • Manage CBSA daily activity notices 和 monthly statement of account
  • 电子支付你的关税, 税, 和 fees directly to CBSA through your bank or financial institution

These topics are explored further below:


  • All importers will be required to self-manage access to their profile in the secure Portal site by delegating authority to their employees, customs broker/s or other service providers, to allow them to manage specific tasks within the portal. Failure to delegate a customs broker will necessitate that the importer do their own importation.
  • 客户门户新员工培训
  • 授权


  • 在CARM, importers will be responsible for making all payments for duty 和 税 directly to CBSA.
  • Payment will be facilitated via electronic funds transfer (EFT), electronic data interchange (EDI) payment, 信用卡, 或预先授权借项(PAD). CBSA will be phasing out payment by cash or cheque.
  • Payments are required within specific timelines, which may differ from your current payment timelines with your customs broker.
  • 计费周期


  • The new program will require all importers to supply CBSA with a surety bond to guarantee the payment of all duties 和 税 before goods will be released from Customs control.
  • Importers will be required to proactively re视图 security requirements for their bond through the Portal 和 proactively increase bond levels as required to meet their on-going import needs.
  • Customs has advised that the system will also prompt importers as their levels approach the maximum limit of the current bond.
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  • Once a customs release is arranged the Portal will allow the importer to prepare 和 electronically submit their own 计算机辅助设计 should they choose.
  • It is important to note that the Customs broker's role will not change in this business model, 和 will continue for any importer that designates that broker as their agent within their Portal profile.
  • 这里有更多的信息 计算机辅助设计


  • CBSA has not finalized all of the processes 和 policies for CARM, but t在这里 are a few things you can do now to prepare. We advise you to take these steps as soon as possible. 点击 在这里 为更多的细节.
  • Further information is found below 和 many more resources can also be found on the CBSA CARM谷歌驱动器





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